Rescue Team Underway to Help Residents Trapped in Hurricane Florence Flood Water in New Bern, North Carolina

Hurricane Florence finally arrive on North Carolina coast on early Friday. Strong wind blows everywhere the rain goes. There is also a powerful storm surge splashing sea water inland. Several structures including homes, and businesses have been damaged
and many places are experiencing power outages.
Rescue team is already working on rescuing people who are trapped in water. There are also people trapped inside the vehicles, and on the roof.

One hundred fifty people are stranded in the riverfront city of New Bern, NC. The city rescue team posts on Twitter telling them to move to a higher place like second story or attic while they come to rescue them. The civil authority have 2 out of state FEMA teams prepared to fetch those who are waiting for rescue in New Bern.

Peggy Perry was one of them to call for help overnight. She and her 3 relatives were trapped and had to move to the attic as the water enter her house and quickly rise up to the waist and chest. Dunn told ABC News that they have been screaming for help for 6 hours. The only communication she has is flashing her flash lights. She and her families have decided to stay as they don’t have enough finances to relocate.

The emergency operation center has been receiving a lot of calls from the residents who are asking for assistance. However, not all calls are followed up. Parker said that they will have to wait until the weather permit them to make it to a safe place. Candace Sweat of WRAL is asking those who have boats to take the initiatives to help those who are trapped in water. FEMA is equipped with boats, and helicopters to carry out the rescue effort.

In some parts of Carolina coast, the hurricane may dump up to 40 inches of rain. Ocean and rivers are rising and overflood into the neighborhoods. More than 400,000 people in North and South Carolina are experiencing power outage. The National Weather Service said that the hurricane has brought a storm surge of more than 10 feet in Morehead City. Dana Outlaw, the Mayor of New Bern told Good Morning America that the hurricane is about two times of Hurricane Hugo.

The roof of a Triangle Motor Inn in Jacksonville collapsed forcing 70 guests to evacuate. A few hours after the hurricane, roads are being severely flooded and water flowing at a fast speed like a raging river. The river flooding may be even more serious than Hurricane Floyd. Forecasters estimate that the Cape Fear River will experience life threatening flooding by Sunday and the flood will reach the highest level and break history record by Monday.

Updated: September 16, 2018 — 12:57 am

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